Kim’s Game

Ok, probably most homeschoolers are well familiar with this, but I just heard about it and am looking forward to using it with my little ones when they are old enough.  Kim’s Game is a critical thinking exercise, a memory game.   The name of the game is from its use in Rudyard Kipling’s 1901 novel, Kim, where the protagonist played the game while in training as a spy.

To play the game you simply collect a grouping of objects, more for older kids, fewer for younger ones.  Let your child examine the objects for a period of time, then cover the objects with a towel, blanket, handkerchief, receiving blanket, etc!  Let the child name all the objects he or she can remember, or for older children, have each make a list. 

According to the Wikipedia entry on Kim’s Game, Robert Baden Powell used it in his book Scouting, as a training exercise for Boy Scouts.  What a great exercise for building thinking skills, expanding memory abilities, and training the budding scientist!  (Or spy, I guess.:)

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