Critical Thinking Resource: Pieces of Learning

When it comes to critical thinking and science, Pieces of Learning has some great supplemental texts!  In case you haven’t heard of Pieces of Learning, I wanted to let you know that they specialize in differentiated learning.  Differentiated learning is individualized to meet the unique needs of students, which is exactly what homeschooling is all about.  With a background in gifted education, Pieces of Learning has been offering high quality resources for students and teachers since 1989.  According to them, “Our products will always make kids and educators THINK – at a higher level”  

Within the science section of their website, they carry the Challenging Puzzle series, which are filled with critical and creative reasoning problems.
According to their website, “[w]hen deductive and creative thinking puzzles are linked to content they can be used to:

  • teach facts
  • teach content vocabulary
  • reinforce research skills 
  • motivate students”
“Critical and creative reasoning puzzles can be used as curriculum extensions and as anchor activities in the differentiated classroom, for pre and post testing, or as an introduction to a new unit.”
Here are some of the titles Pieces of Learning carries in the Challenging Puzzle series:

Also, check out Primary Science Readers’ Theatre and The Scientific Method in Fairy Tale Forest, among many other titles, and not just in the field of science!  

If you have used any of these books in your homeschool, I’d love to hear about it— leave a comment!

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  1. Calico Crazy November 16, 2010 at 8:19 am #

    Hi, I'm here from the Hip Homeschool Hop, and am enjoying reading the information you have here, we are always looking for quality science materials. I follow you now on GFC, facebook & twitter. I'd love it if you would stop by Discovery For Life when you have a moment.

  2. Kimberly November 16, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

    OOOOOOOHHH I love science. it's our most favorite topic in homeschooling! can't wait to check out what you are sharing. I'll be back to check out all you have to offer again!!

    (visiting from the hip homeschool hop, but not listed this week)

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