Preschool Science: The Moon

This week, we discussed the phases of the moon while using Alpha Omega Horizons preschool.  We are still working on Day 4 of creation.  We had been discussing the sun, and now we are on to the second great light to govern the night.

A YouTube video was helpful in illustrating the moon phases.  Certainly more helpful than acting out the sun, moon, and earth in their rotation around each other.  Of course, this might be because I enlisted the help of my 2-year old who was supposed to be the sun.  But the sun quickly arced off, spinning, to collide with the wall, the couch, and the dog.  Then the sun ran into one wall unintentionally and came crying back over to the moon (me) and the illustration just really didn’t go like I’d hoped.  So we found the youtube video:

Once we had finished watching the video, we did the Lunar Cycle game found at On printing the worksheet, we will be able to record the phases of the moon each day, either in late afternoon or early morning.

We also took advantage of some of the printed words on the youtube video to learn to sight read “waxing” and “waning” and we sounded out “moon”.

We haven’t tried these activities, but they look perfect for preschool, from PBS Kids lesson plans.  Click this link for a few “Day and Night” activities.

What tools have you used to study the moon? Leave a comment and share some with us!

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  1. FairyLover January 21, 2011 at 12:34 pm #

    I'm going to show this movie to my son. He will love learning about the phases of the moon. He loves everything related to space.

    Kathi Still trying to figure out science for my 3rd grader.

  2. Ticia January 23, 2011 at 6:52 am #

    I'll have to come back when we go back to space in a while.

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