New Reviews of Hands-On Science!

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I recently provided three blog readers the opportunity to receive a copy of Hands-On Science: Particles in Motion.  They agreed to review the book and have written some excellent information for you!

Hands-On Science is a K-6 experiment and activity book.  It provides discussion and thought-provoking questions along with practical application.  The experiments can be completed with an entire homeschool, that is to say, a wide range of ages, at differing levels of difficulty simultaneously.  The best part is, you probably already own every item required to complete the experiments!

But I’ll let you read what these ladies have to say about it.

Here are the Reviews!

If you’re looking to grab a copy of this book for 20% off, be sure to head over to the Homeschool Science Press Facebook page, (like us), and find the discount code!  If you are already a Facebook Liker, head to the special offers tab.

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Tornado Safety

In the spring months, across the United States, storms are violent and unleash rain, hail, lightning, and high winds.  Occasionally, especially in the central plains of North America, tornadoes form from the storms.  Although many tornadoes are spawned in the spring on the plains, they can occur almost anywhere where the conditions are right for their formation.

The safety tips listed here have been used successfully to save the lives of people trapped in the path of a tornado.  Practice them with your children so that in case of emergency, they will know exactly what to do even if you are not there.

If your community has a tornado warning horn, make sure that the children know what it means and what to do when they hear it.

Many homeschoolers are radio amateurs operating ham radio stations.  They can become tornado spotters by attending a class on the topic.  The class is very informative, has great videos of severe weather, and gives the hams concrete directions so that they can help others during a tornado watch.  Many children have attended this class.  By the way, learning to be a radio operator is an excellent way to do physics, especially since the student does not have to learn Morse code to pass the examination.

Tornado Safety

  1. When in your house, get away from windows and go to a central location in the house.  In a basement, under the stairs, or in a bathroom is best.
  2. Take with you a heavy blanket or a mattress to wrap up in or get under if you have time.
  3. Get down against a wall or under a desk with your arms over your head.
  4. When in a trailer, leave it and seek other, more secure shelter.
  5. Outside in your car, never try to outrun the tornado.
  6. Leave the car and seek shelter under a culvert or overpass.  When under an overpass, get up close under the upper level.
  7. If caught outside without protection, lie down in a ditch or low place with your arms over your head.
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Online Resources for Military Homeschoolers

CH 46 at sunset

Homeschool Enrichment magazine recently published an article by Jennifer from Middle-Aged Mama.  It listed some online military homeschool resources.  What a great idea!  Military homeschoolers, especially those overseas, are often in a whole different ballgame when it comes to homeschooling away from friends and family.  Frequent moves mean uprooting and learning new laws in each state, and getting re-organized each time to continue pursuing excellence in homeschooling!

Here are some of the resources listed by the article, and a few more as well:

The Military Homeschooler

The Homeschool Diner: Military Homeschoolers (this is a wonderful website for all sorts of curriculum and resources, not just for military, if you haven’t stopped by)

DoDDS Guidelines for Homeschool Overseas

Wives in Bloom: The Online Magazine for Christian Military Moms

HSLDA’s page on Military Homeschooling Overseas

The Home Front– “Serving military homeschooling families as they serve throughout the world.”

Eclectic Homeschool Organization’s page on Military Resources

Simple Homeschool’s wonderful post on Homeschooling and Moving


Got any other great resources to share?  Leave a comment!  And thanks for serving our country to all the military families out there!


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